Midnight admission

When I checked Lawik’s oxygen first thing this morning, it was only in the sixties – a degree lower than what is normal for him and what it is supposed to be. So during the highest holiday in Israel, that is Yom Kippur, I kept checking his oxygen every couple of hours; it was sometimes going up, sometimes going down.

His mom was slowly getting more and more worried, so we decided this evening after the end of the holiday, that it was best to bring him to Sheba Hospital. Only a few hours after we were walking on the highway – there are no cars on the road for this holiday – and watching a lot of kids having fun there with their scooters and bikes, we were driving over the same highway with the car to an ER.

Within only one half hour after we arrived in the ER, one of the cardiologists saw Lawik and within minutes decided to admit Lawik to the ICU. We waited a few hours until his x-ray, ECG, ultrasound and blood test were done until we finally, shortly after midnight, went upstairs to his room in the intermediate ICU.

The kind nurse and doctor started with the admitting process while one of the moms from Gaza said hello to us and welcomed Lawik’s mother. As Lawik’s oxygen was once again going down to the fifties, I was just so thankful that he was now in the hospital, being watched by doctors and getting the best care possible.

It was a long day, not only for Lawik, but also for us and his mom, and yet we could still laugh a lot.Thank God Lawik is safe now with his mom at Sheba. We pray for blessing on Lawik and safety until his surgery, and strength for his mom.