Milk in the lungs?

Today, I visited Kenan and his mother in Sheba Hospital. It was very nice to see them.

Kenan still has some areas where he struggles. He had an echo today to check on the fluid around his heart. And also his eating is still difficult. Kenan is coughing very much too. The doctors will watch now with a sonde how he is eating and to check if milk is going into the lungs.

Concerning the fear Kenan may have neurological damage, it seems better at the moment. They will still monitor him carefully to see if he may have neurological damage.

The time with Kenan’s mother today was very nice. She is a lovely woman. But also she is very, very worried about her son. She hopes that he soon will be so improved that they can return to their home in Gaza.

Please pray for all the issues Kenan is struggling with, that he may be soon more healthy. And let’s pray also for strength for Kenan’s mother.