Mimi stable, doctors investigating

Maryam’s beautiful mum stood by her bedside today in the hospital and explained to me that Maryam’s oxygen levels are better than when she came into hospital, but still low. She has a nasal canula for oxygen support, which the mum is able to adjust depending on the saturation. It is much worse when Maryanm cries. Her breathing patterns are still quite unusual, and it was sad for her mum to think about the long journey of healing for her little Mimi.

Today she was due to have an x-ray and also to see the ENT doctor, to hopefully get a clearer picture of Mimi’s condition. It could be that she is aspirating when she drinks, and having the fluid go into her lungs. Whatever the doctors find out from their assessments, Maryam’s situation is difficult and upsetting for her mum. Please pray for them both during this time in the hospital.