Mimi’s second catheterization

Mimi’s  (Maryam’s) mother and I remembered the words which one of the cardiologists had said to her during her first days here: that she will have a long journey ahead of her. Today, Maryam was in her fourth major intervention, a catheterisation. The doctors had told Mimi’s mother that they needed to find out why her oxygen was dropping so low, and whether or not she was ready for the next surgery. They are hoping it can be soon.

Mimi’s lovely mum had so much peace today during the time of waiting for the cath, and she reflected that it must be God who is giving her strength for all of this. Mimi was safely out of the cath after two and a half hours, and later this afternoon was awake again.

As she recovers over these next few days, we hope that the doctors will be able to use the information they found out today in the cath to decide together whether Mimi is ready for another surgery.