Mira returns to Hebron

Beautiful Mira went home to Hebron on Thursday. It has been a tumultuous first two months of life for her. She has had a catheterization at two weeks old, was rushed to the hospital not once but twice after deteriorating back in Hebron, and she’s had an emergency surgery that saved her life just in time.
In light of this, her recovery is certainly a gift from God and today her release from the hospital was a joyous occasion. Please pray for her heart to remain healthy, so that she can be with her mom, dad, and siblings.

The first time I met Mira’s dad, he glowed with pride as he showed me pictures of his children he loves, especially the pictures of his older son and daughter holding Mira. I imagine that at their homecoming, there will be more pictures such as this and a celebration to match them.

I pray for Mira’s family to reflect in and know that all the joy and love of this reunion is because of our God.