Speaking with the mother of Ahmed is like talking to an old friend. She is one of those people who becomes instantly familiar. We are quick to connect on the truth we see in the room. Life in all its fragility is a miraculous work of God. In fact, in the last few weeks Ahmed’s mother has pondered whether the Arabic word for “miracle” should be part of Ahmed’s name.

Since the time of his last blog we have a lot to praise God for in Ahmed’s life. His ischemia in his left leg and foot is starting to look much better with normal coloration returning. Ahmed is now extubated and breathing well with a little support from nasal cannula. I  addition his collapsed lung us gradually improving. To mum’s total delight she has been able to hear his small voice again as he cries. Today Ahmed was even being prepared to try having some milk orally for the first time since he was first born.

It is rare to be able to speak as much in depth with guardians from Gaza due to the language barrier however, Ahmed’s mother is an English teacher which makes communication so easy. I asked her today how her family are and if they are all safe following the recent rockets fired. Thank God everyone at home is safe however, the children have had their school days cancelled. At home, Ahmed’s grandparents live in the apartment upstairs from them so his brothers are being well looked after although they miss their mother a lot.

Please continue to pray for this precious and important little life. Please pray for Jesus to shine through our conversations with mum and would this be an opportunity for this family to know the truth of the Gospel.