It was such a delight to meet Reem and her mother today at Sheba. Following a stable night in the ICU the doctors were talking about extubating her soon and reducing her sedation. What an awesome God we serve. Just a few days ago this baby had death spoken over her by many professionals, today we see our Father moving the mountains before our eyes.

Reem’s mother was beaming with gladness as the hope for Reem’s life is being restored. The doctors even feel that her initial diagnosis given to mum, which would have left Reem with a palliative treatment plan and life expectancy of around 9 years is incorrect. Reem has the potential to have life and have it to its fulness. If Reem’s circulation increases on her left side it is also likely she will not require an invasive surgical treatment at all! Please pray for that this good work comes to completion.

We were able to link up with Reem’s Local Leader, Lucy, via video chat today. It was lovely to just see a chat between 2 mothers who are strangers, have a conversation loaded with and connected by love. As we talked the word we all had in common was “miracle.” Reem’s life is a miracle. As is the fact that Reem has people praying for her all over the world. This one baby’s life may seem so little but Our God wants the world to know just how precious she is to Him.