Miracle! It was the first word one of the cardiologists said when we went into the echo room today! I think it was one the greatest moments I’ve ever had in all my time here! Zhya is a living miracle.

The doctor explained to us that just one of the cardiologist team members was willing to perform his very complex and risky operation because of the high pressure in his lungs and the congenital heart disease he was suffering. But the doctor said that they are so happy their colleague was right. The first 42 hours were very critical and decisive for his life, he could have died during this time.

Today everything was ready for Zhya to be discharged, but we had to wait for blood results and the last echo report which looked very good except for very little liquid. But again the doctor said, “miracle.”

His mother said today at Noora’s farewell party that the Lord Jesus heard all our prayers and healed him! His mother is very happy and just can’t believe he is alive. We have been praying for him all this time and before He had the surgery I told her: “Zhya is a Kurdish warrior and the Lord is going to protect his life.” Now he is home with us! Please continue praying for his recovery, as he is not eating well. Again! Miracles can happen today!