Around 1am last Saturday I was just leaving the hospital after having Ali admitted in the secondary ICU. I was really tired only thinking about how much I wanted to go home and sleep when I saw Reem’s mother with a beautiful smile saying to me, “Reem was extubated!” That took my thought away and also my tiredness. Immediately I left all of my stuff on the floor and went to visit Reem. Woah! I was really happy and thankful to God, many people around the world have been praying for Reem to improve and recover and here she was with her eyes open and extubated. This is really a miracle after around one month and 5 days with sedation! THIS IS A MIRACLE!

My strength was recovered again; God is answering our prayers! He is never late. He always arrives on time, in His perfect time. Before I left the room I prayed for them and I also gave thanks to God for this precious gift that he gave me: seeing a big miracle after a long and tiring day. Please keep Reem and her beautiful mom in your prayers. I’m looking forward to seeing Reem smiling and with completely healing.