Our cute little Lara is doing very well and was discharged from Sheba Hospital today to our home in Ashdod.

Coworker Bria and I met Lara and her mother and went together with them to an x-ray and an echo for Lara, which she needed, before she could get discharged.

Her heart looks pretty good, just her pulmonary arteries are a little tiny. The doctor was optimistic that they will grow now with Lara growing bigger.

To celebrate this day, we went shopping together and enjoyed looking at all the cute baby clothes. Lara has now some really beautiful dresses. In this time that we spent together, we talked again and again about the fact that they arrived around one week ago. Lara had surgery, her heart is really good now and they are already discharged! All in one week. Look at this! Isn’t it clearly a miracle of God?! It’s amazing to see this little girl so alive and happy.  I just stand in awe of what God did, also through all the doctors and nurses.

In just one week more, Lara will have a cardiac follow-up appointment. Her mother is already very eager to know if they can go completely home. She misses her family back in Kurdistan very much, but we will miss her here also! In this one week, Lara’s mother has already been a big blessing to us and we all love her and Lara. So we are very excited to welcome them to our house in Ashdod now, longer than for just a few hours! May God bless this remaining time here in Israel.

Thank you for this miracle!