Miracle Boy!

Today we went to the hospital with Zhya hoping to have his last echo. They started by checking his heart with an ECG then they weighed him, took his vitals and lastly was the echo. While waiting Zhya cried, played, smiled, and sang songs; all these emotions in just one hour! Mom was anxious to know and we also were full of expectation to know what the echo reported. After the nurse performed the echo we were asked to wait for Dr. Tirosh in the echo room. The desk was too tempting for Zhya and he ran to play with the keyboard! He was the doctor! Mom enjoyed it, taking several pictures of him and thanking God for having him alive and recovered.

When Dr. Tirosh looked at the echo she smiled and said, “This looks so good it’s unbelievable! This kid is lucky!” I replied, “No, doctor, Zhya is our miracle boy!” She smiled and followed saying, indeed our huge, miracle boy! Mom was extremely happy to hear how satisfied the doctor was with the results.

Zhya’s mom, full of happiness, asked for pictures with the doctor and told her many times how thankful she was to her and the whole hospital team. We will miss this beautiful boy, and we will miss his mother, but we will always remember what a miracle he is and what a wonderful God we serve!