Mir’s first assessment

Seven month old Mir had his first assessment today at Sheba hospital after arriving from Kurdistan this past Thursday. Because all of the new Kurdish families are quarantined today, this was the first extended time we had with Mir and his mother.

It was a busy day. When we checked into cardiology, they sent us downstairs for a blood test before the echo. Co-worker Georgia and I were surprised at how little Mir cried when the nurse drew blood. He was very calm! He seemed to really like interacting with everyone; before his echo he was relaxed and playing with his feet.

The technician took over 200 snapshots of his heart, which confirmed the diagnosis of L- TGA which is when the right and left ventricles are switched. The doctors will discuss his case in their meeting and then his treatment will go from there.

The first hospital day for Kurdish families is often intense and overwhelming. New country, new language, new hospital, new system, new everything. One thing that stayed with me was when Mir’s mother said sometimes doctors in Iraq told worried parents the answers they wanted to hear, that everything was fine, even when it was not.

I hope this family can find rest and peace here knowing that lies are not what they will find here. The answers may be hard at times, but they will be honest. I also hope so much that Mir’s mother will come to know that the best and utmost is being done for her son on the part of all concerned.

Please pray for Mir and his mum as the process begins of waiting for surgery and all that this potentially involves. May she be filled with peace and hope in the knowledge that her son is being ceaselessly cared for.