Mir’s Intricate and Complicated Heart

I sat today with Mir’s father and tried to explain to him the intricate and impossible anatomy of his son’s heart. It has been a challenging time in Israel for Mir and his father, first with the agonising wait as to whether surgery was even possible, then the news that two surgeries would be required with an extended time in between and now as new understanding arises we learn exactly how Mir’s impossible and miraculous heart can even function. In a normal heart there are four chambers which pump the blood around the body; Mir only has three. What this means is that Mir is constantly oxygen deprived, with newly oxygenated blood mixing with the old and the heart valiantly trying to keep up with his growing needs. 

Mir has made it to Israel only through the tenacity of his father, the grace of God and his older cousin who begged for Mir to receive surgery despite the rest of the family hesitant or even hostile to the idea of his traveling to Israel. As a child Mir’s cousin received a similar diagnosis of heart disease. Unlike with Mir, no help was available and by the time the issue was recognised it was too late and resulted in irreparable damage to the cardiac muscle. Now in his twenties, Mir’s cousin is in chronic heart failure and recognising he will not be long in this world, he did not wish to see Mir suffer the same slow, agonising journey. His pleading led Mir and his father to Shevet and the possibility of a hope and a future. 

Please pray for Mir and his entire family that the love they are shown here is Israel will bring about a change in their lives that only God could foresee.