Mohammed arrives in Israel

Mohammed is a different patient compared to the ones we usually see here; he is 33 years old. He has had two previous surgeries to help his heart defect, but as he grows older, his condition has worsened, and he is in heart failure. The doctors at Sheba hospital in Israel have agreed to receive him for a risky surgery, which could be the last chance to save his life.

Mohammed has been in and out of hospital in Kurdistan, sometimes needing draining procedures for the fluid in his stomach. He has had to give up his work, and this is the hope for his family that he will be able to have healing in Israel.

For months, there has been difficult and strong communications with the Israeli interior ministry, as we worked consistently to get a visa for Mohammed, who is no longer a child. Thankfully, they made the exception and granted this man and his mother their visas and their permissions to enter Israel.

On the day they were due to travel two weeks ago, Mohammed tested positive for corona virus and their trip was therefore delayed again. All the timings are in the hands of God, and so according to His plan, today was the day for Mohammed and his mother to arrive to Israel.

They went immediately to the hospital upon arrival, and experienced the care of the Israelis, thoroughly carrying out their full assessments to ensure Mohammed has the best quality care they can give, as they faithfully do with every patient.

We will know more about the plan for surgery for Mohammed as the week continues. Please pray for peace as he and his mother settle into this unfamiliar country and negotiate this highly stressful situation. Please also pray over Mohammed’s surgery and health, asking for God’s best for his life.