Mohammed loves the Shevet song

Today Mohammed and his mother from Gaza came to the Hadassah hospital to prepare for a catheterization tomorrow. From the first moment I met them, I felt they both are very beautiful people. We were fastly connecting, even if we have still some communication difficulties because of the different languages. The mother is quite young but Mohammed is already her 6th child. “Four girls and two boys,” she proudly told me and her eyes were shining.

At four months old, Mohammed already shows a special character. He was telling me many stories in the language only he would understand. The little one also loves to listen to music. We discovered this when we sang our Shevet song for him, Hinei mah tov umah naim, shevet achim gam yachad (“Behold how good and how pleasant it is, for brothers to dwell together in unity,” Psalm 133). Skeptical at first, our little Mohammed turned to a very happy and beautiful smiling boy in a few minutes.

Unfortunately the happy mood was gone when he was laying in the examination room and the doctors tried to get all the information they need to know and to place a cannula in his hand.

The doctor struggled a while since the boy’s veins are so tiny! An uncomfortable situation for all involved: the screaming and pain the baby is experiencing, the worry and love the mother is feeling, the struggle but compassion of the doctors and nurses and us, a team that loves all of them and want to help, but is not able to do anything at all. As we stood there, I was reminded that this is just the best for our little beloved patient, even if it is so painful. For sure the cannula is important for keeping him alive. He’s receiving the best medical treatment before, during and after the cath!

Don’t we all know the feeling of going through something painful, but knowing in the end, it will bring the best? Therefore, please help the lovely mother and child to come through the situation by praying for them! Please pray that they experience how good and how pleasant it is when brothers and sisters pray for each other, love each other, dwell together in unity!