Peace in the offering

written by Miriam

I went to the hospital early this morning to meet Mohammed and his mother for the first time, and to be with them on catheterization day. When co-worker Anna and I arrived at the Sheba Medical hospital early this morning, Mohammed was just made ready to go to the catheterization lab. His mother followed him there and stayed while they were sedating him. When she finally came back, she told us it had taken some time for him to fall asleep. 

Then the three of us waited together. Since neither Anna nor I speak much Kurdish the conversation was sparse. But we used the words we could, showed each other some pictures and then just sat together in silence. Mohammed’s mom shed a few tears, but was very calm and patient. 
Eventually the doctor came out and told us the examination was finished and Mohammed was doing well. The doctor called co-worker Julio to translate for the mother and explain things to her….
A little later we were let into the ICU to see Mohammed. He was still intubated and sleeping calmly. The nurse told us everything looked good, except that the circulation in his left leg was a bit low, so they were keeping an eye on that. 

In the afternoon Mohammed started to wake up and move his arms and legs. He was then given some medication to ease his pain and make him relax. Through everything the mother stayed calm. I’m so thankful for the peace from the Lord that helps us to wait patiently for what He has promised. It will also help Mohammed and his mother through this time of waiting for his healing to be complete.