Mohammed’s journey from Gaza

Two and a half year old Mohammed from Gaza came to Sheba Medical Center today for a sedated Echo-cardiogram. Now,  he and his grandmother are staying at our Jaffa base for a few days so that he can also have a CT scan with anesthesia within the next few days.

His cardiologist hopes that with the information gathered from both of these tests, the cardiovascular team can plan the best course for Mohammed.
His grandmother consulted via cell phone with Mohammed’s father several times during the long day.  It’s getting more difficult to get out of Gaza for medical care, and they hope that his next surgery can be scheduled soon.

Mohammed was not so sure that he liked the strangers who whisked him away from the Gaza pick-up point for an hour-long drive to the hospital.  He definitely did not like the fasting required before anesthesia, or the car seat! Most of all, he hated the yellow identification bracelet on his left arm!

His grandmother was so patient and loving with Mohammed throughout the whole day.  She stroked his head, held his hand, “helped him” read a book, and held the phone playing “Baby Shark” and  “No Papa” for what seemed like hours.  We did get a few smiles playing with the neon light-up twirling toy, and when he was able to see his brother on a video call!  Such a cute little giggle in his high-pitched child’s voice!

Already I can tell that Mohammed will be a favorite at the Jaffa house.  Please join us in prayer that this precious boy can continue his journey toward health and long life; that the doctors will make wise decisions; that his grandmother and the family will have strength and patience; and most of all, that they will feel the loving care of the Savior through us as they spend unexpected time here at Shevet.