Mohammed’s surgery admission

I love seeing Mohammed smile. He is so naturally curious, asking questions about everything and anything. He has learned to greet strangers and friends. He has learned to enjoy tests with us, and even performs health assessments on us. Sometimes in the morning, the children even fight to see who will be checked first. He loves listening to people’s hearts with a stethoscope, and telling them that their heart is well. 
It’s been so nice to spend time with him and his kind grandmother. They have been patiently waiting in Jaffa for a decision about his surgery type. The doctors printed a cardiac model of his heart from his CTA test and were able to decide to perform a Double Switch Operation. This is a very large operation for Mohammed.

I’ve loved seeing him grow since his last procedure, almost one year ago! He loved the song “يلي بتحب النعنع” then, and he still loves it now. He came up to me with his phone with the song playing, and was dancing to it. We listened to this song while driving to the hospital, dancing along to it. 
In the hospital, he had an x-ray and other assessment tests. We waited for many hours for his room to be prepared, but in the waiting time we walked around the hospital. He drove a couple cars, marveled at the fish, and enjoyed various Israeli snacks.

When he was ready to be officially admitted, he donned an isolation gown and performed a cardiac assessment on us. He even greeted the doctors. We learned that his surgery will be tomorrow morning. Please pray for Mohammed and his family as they prepare for his surgery tomorrow. His parents love Mohammed very much, they were constantly in communication with his grandmother and with Mohammed. I am looking forward to making more memories with Mohammed.