Mohaned is doing better

Our dear Mohaned presented with a fever last Thursday evening. We had to take him to the Pediatric Emergency Room to be able to determine the cause of the fever.

We visited him today and he looked very well and happy! He was able to recognize us and was smiling and communicating to us in his unique style. He hasn’t had a fever in all this time at the hospital but he still needs to undergo more tests before being discharged. We wait a few days more for him to be discharged if all goes well.He is having a bit of difficulty eating so please join us in prayer for him, that he will learn to eat well again. He continues his pulmonary physiotherapy.

We were able to talk with his grandmother.  She is doing well and is happy that Mohaned is without fever. We hope to have him back at our Shevet home in Jaffa within the next few days.