Mohaned returns to Gaza

Mohaned had an echo today at Sheba Hospital. The doctor found that his heart is recovering well, but preferred that he stay another week for a follow-up appointment, to be sure that he doesn’t develop any other problems.

Mohaned and his mum have been away from home for exactly two months now, and it’s taking a strain on the family back in Gaza. Because of this, and at the father’s request, Mohaned and his mother returned to Gaza today, with mixed emotions.

It has been a beautiful time getting to know the mother of Mohaned, and during these days, her family’s lack has been our rich gain. We have been truly blessed to know her. Still, it is good when we think of her being reunited with her three daughters.

Please pray for this family, and for God to protect Mohaned, as he is now away from the specialised hospital access of Israel.