Mom is back

It is a nice day for Somaia because her mother has returned to Sheba Hospital. Somaia’s aunt left and went to her home in Gaza after spending some months with her niece at the hospital. This gave much-needed rest to Somaia’s mother.

In the time that Somaia’s aunt was in the hospital, we all loved her so much. She is the most happy person I have ever met. She took really good care of Somaia and she made many friends. She had a hard time saying goodbye. Especially to her best friend, another Arabic-speaking mother who stays in the hospital for a long time.

Somaia’s situation is unchanged. She practices every day to get off the ventilator. In the meantime, all are waiting to see if Somaia can go back to her home soon. It is a long and complicated process because of her medical support needs and other things that have created this situation.

Please pray for a solution and for the doctors at Sheba, that they keep fighting for this precious girl.