A Gift of God – Saida’s Recovery

Saida – and especially Saida‘s weight – has been on our prayers list for an incredibly long time. So it has been his mom’s worry as well. As we went to see recovering Saida, we found his mom outside of her room still looking very worried. She wanted us to talk to the doctor about Saida’s echo immediately. It was clear to see how scared and worried Saida’s mom was. The doctor told us with a smile that his echo showed no fluids in his lungs and that Saida is recovering perfectly.

This news made me very happy but Saida’s mom still looked very worried. As if she couldn’t believe that the surgery she waited for for so long had worked out perfectly. The immense love you felt from Saida’s mom was very touching. This woman showed the perfect picture of a Mom Warrior who is willing to fight for her child, no matter what the cost is. Still I hope that she will be able to feel the joy of this beautiful gift.

Please pray for Saida’s recovery but also for Saida’s mom that she will see the gift of God that she received and rejoice and celebrate this beautiful progress.