More assessment

Ayan had an early start, to arrive at the CT scan building of Sheba hospital this morning. He and his mother came with another Kurdish baby, Yadgar as well. It was nice to be able to spend time with them, as they are still in their quarantine period.

Ayan was one of the last babies to be seen, I think perhaps because he has a complex risk with anesthesia. The team of medical staff worked to put Ayan to sleep ahead of the CT scan, after which his mother and I had to leave the room. Ayan’s CT scan took only about 20 minutes, but the recovery took a lot longer. His oxygen saturation was slowing down to percentages in the 40s, as his mother tried her best to keep him calm, fed and happy. It was a lot of emotional hard work for her.

Later on, he and his mother had a corona test to prepare them for potential hospitalization for surgery. We look forward to knowing the date of his surgery and exactly what the plan for Ayan’s surgery will be.