More assessments

Our handsome Mohammed had an echo today, which helped the doctors to decide that they would like to perform another catheterisation and try and improve his aortic valve stenosis. The doctor stressed how much better it is to do via cath if they can, at this stage. He is an especially lovely baby with a very beautiful smile.

Mohammed also had an ultrasound of his leg to check that everything was OK following his previous cath… He didn’t enjoy the ultrasound at all! Thankfully it only took a few minutes, and he could be bundled back up into his fluffy warm clothes.

He needs to start on a medication to ensure his blood moves nicely around the body… It has to be given by an injection, twice a day. Colin is administering his first dosage of this as I write, and I’m sure this is a horrible surprise for him, so please pray for him!

His cath is likely to be scheduled for next week, and we are hoping for a successful dilation this time.