More assessments

Ayan (seen here on the left) attended a routine ultrasound appointment today ahead of his surgery. Yadgar also had the ultrasound scan so it was another day together. We found out today that Ayan is planned for surgery early next week, and it looks like he will need a two-step repair process for his TGA heart defect.

Ayan was a much happier boy than yesterday, and although he is very blue, he is looking much better as he has been able to drink milk normally and not needing to fast today. He has a very sweet smile, turning up at one side before the other, and it’s lovely to hear all his little noises as he enjoys interacting with us.

As we waited for the appointments, people at the hospital asked what is our connection to each other, as we are a very mixed group in terms of our clothing, which I’ve come to realize is quite unusual to see, and therefore people are often interested how we came to be here together.

Again and again, I am grateful for the opportunity to meet these lovely Kurdish mothers, such as Ayan’s mum; how else would we have ever come to meet each other?! Thank God for making these difficult times sweet.