More Fasting

Please keep our precious Nyaz in your prayers. Today I was blessed to have a cardiac nurse, Debi, who is volunteering with us come to the hospital. Last night she said the particular type of fluid Nyaz has in her chest is a fatty liquid and hopefully by fasting, her body will get rid of this. But one week of fasting was not enough, so as of today she has another six days of fasting. Today as always it was a joy to see them both, Nyaz was even watching an old American cartoon called Tom and Jerry, which her mum explained many Kurdish kids watch in childhood as well.

We love them both so much. Being hungry much of the time is tiring, and then of course being both hungry and tired is really hard, so please keep Nyaz in your prayers, that the fluid would respond to the fasting, and that her mother would feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the hospital with her. We eagerly await their return to the Shevet base! Thank you for your prayers to our Father!