More tests before surgery

This morning, I stopped by Sheba hospital to visit with Lamis and her mother for a few minutes. Lamis is shy, but warmed up slowly when an educational consultant from Sheba arrived to spend some time with her.

It was nice to meet Lamis’ mother properly, as things were a bit rushed in the emergency room when they arrived last week. Lamis’ mother is so sweet and welcoming, blowing kisses and calling me “habibti” (my love). She and Lamis had to leave Gaza for Sheba in a hurry, so it’s been quite a challenge for Lamis to settle in to the ICU without all the things she had to leave at home.

Lamis has to undergo an exertion test for her heart, and depending on the results of the test, she may have a surgery for the obstructed valve in her heart.

Please pray for wisdom and clarity for the doctors as they plan a course of treatment, and for Lamis and her mother as they adjust to the hospital.