More Tests in the Hospital

Julio and I met Wareen’s father in the hosptial, and he told us that Razbar had been moved in the evening to another section of the ICU. We went upstairs to find her and her father.

I asked the doctor if she was going to be coming home today, and she replied firmly that Razbar is certainly staying in the hosptial. It became apparent that although Razbar was hospitalised yesterday just to monitor her breathing, the medical team have some more concerns about her, and want to continue to carry out assessments.

Today she was due to see the ENT doctor, to assess her upper respiratory system. She later was due to have a bronchoscopy. She will also need further imaging of a potential mass which presses onto her trachea. The hospitla team hope to be able to have more answers for her on Sunday.

For her assessments today, she required sedation, and so whilst we were there, Razbar was fasting and feeling quite upset. The doctor was keen to make use of Julio’s translation skills. She was very friendly and kind to Razbar’s father.

Please keep these two in your prayers, for wisdom for the medical team, and for strength for Razbar’s father.