More tests; possible Cochlear implant

Lya will stay longer in the hospital than expected. She is going through extra tests before going back to Kurdistan. During her stay, she is having fun with another child from Shevet Achim named Saif who stays in the room across the hall. We are hoping through genetic testing and a hearing test under anesthesia, the doctor can give Lya a cochlear implant. If Lya is a candidate for this, she will be able to hear a little bit better. Also the doctors are trying to make a dental appointment for Lya, so all the infections in her mouth will be gone and she can live without pain-killers for that. Until now it is not working to get an appointment for her and nobody seems to understand that this is urgent.

Please pray for an opening at the dentist and for clarification around a cochlear implant. It is a complicated journey for Lya and her mother and for the doctors to arrange everything. We know that we can trust the Lord. He will open and close doors.