More Waiting

Musa is our funny and charming big brother at Shevet for the other kids. But in the hospital he turns out to be quite restless as he wants to leave immediately after every appointment he has. But this is not always the case since he goes to the hospital  with other kids from Shevet and has to wait. Today he was with Wareen in the hospital. He first went to the echo which turned out to be good! Still he needs another’s cath which was disappointing for him and his dad, we talked to the doctor but until now we don’t have an appointment for the next cath.

Today day at the hospital was very busy, after his echo he had a ECG and they took his vital signs. When we finished to talk to his cardiologist we went to his second appointment with his endocrinologist, praise the Lord all of the test that were done before he was discharged came out with good results, everything shows that he doesn’t have any endocrine problem. So this was good news for Dad  and Musa.

Finally after a long day we could go home. Please pray for peace in Dad’s and Musa’s heart and good time with us  in the waiting  and also for open the schedule and correct time for his second cath.

Written by: Rahel and Diana