Most famous kid in the PCICU

Somaia is a child that not only is well known in the entire pediatric ICU at Sheba Hospital, but who also grew very close to our heart in the nearly ten months she spent in the hospital. Today was her first follow-up echo after her discharge two months ago and the first thing I did after arriving in the hospital with her and her sweet mother, was to bring them to the ICU where all the staff was so excited to see her. It only took a few seconds until everyone left what they were doing behind and came to see this beautiful girl and to talk to her mother.

They had missed Somaia just as we did and only a moment later, she was not in my arms anymore.

Later when Somaia was in her ECG, again two doctors were walking in, looking for the little miracle that everyone was so excited about. It was amazing to hear from her cardiologist later that her heart is very well and there is no problem in the moment with that.

On the other side, they also had to realize that Somaia was losing weight since she was last here and was throwing up, having diarrhea and fever the last few days. They have sent her to the ER immediately where they did some blood tests and monitored her for a while until we decided with her cardiologist that it’s best for Somaia to go back to Gaza and get admitted in the hospital there. They want to do more tests there and watch her closely until she gains weight and gets better.

Please pray for her and all her doctors there, that they can figure out the problem and help Somaia. She just turned one year old a few days ago and it was so encouraging to see her in a better condition. Yes, she is not doing perfect and still has a long way ahead of her, but she is alive, awake, able to breath on her own and developing – more than we dared to hope around a year ago!