Moved to secondary ICU

Today we had a nice surprise at Sheba Hospital when we didn’t find Amina in the first ICU, but in the secondary.

Amina’s mother was happy with the news about her daughter moving to secondary and was confident in God’s timing. She was also excited because the nurses came and brushed Amina’s hair and with elastic bands, styled Amina’s hair. Amina is a little shy, but always enjoys spending time with new friends.

The doctors are finding fluids in Amina’s heart. They have scheduled an echo for her in a few days to see if the medicine they are giving her helps to decrease the fluids. Until now, she has had an improve-ment in her oxygen levels. Doctors want to continue to keep an eye on her and depending on her progress, she could be discharged soon.

Pray for Amina’s  improvement and wisdom for her doctors.