Moved to Secondary Pediatric ICU

Actually, I was already done with the visits at the Sheba Medical Centre today and only went back to pick up a bag to take back to Jaffa for someone. There I was greeted by a nice surprise.

The lovely grandmother of Awmed greeted me with a big smile and a “Hamdullalah,” and hugged me because Awmed was getting movedĀ  to the Secondary Pediatric ICU at Sheba Hospital. Thank God for this great bit of news.

I also learned however, that Awmed is not drinking or eating on his own yet because he is on a breathing tube. The doctors want him to be on the breathing tube for the next two weeks and are observing how he recovers during that time.

Let’s support the medical Staff of Sheba and the happy grandmother and precious Awmed in prayer, that he will continue to recover well little by little.