Moved to the Pediatric Ward

When I came to visit Shan in the Pediatric ICU of Hadassah Hospital, I was a little surprised to find her room empty. A helpful nurse walking by, smiled at me, and told me that Shan had been moved to the normal pediatric ward that morning.

I found her back in the same room that she had been in before her surgery, still in isolation but doing well. I went in with two friendly nurses, and watched them clean her surgery site and change her bandages. Shan’s mom wanted to know how much longer Shan needs to stay in the hospital, so I asked them. They told me that she is still reliant on the supplemental oxygen, which Shan is now receiving through a large tube that releases the oxygen into the air around her.

Hopefully, after a few days, Shan can be weaned off the oxygen support, but she needs it for now. The nurses told me that after she is off of oxygen support, they have to watch her for a few more days, and then they could possibly think about discharging her. But they want to move slowly, and make sure that she is fully ready for each new step.

Please pray that Shan will continue to recover well, and that God will give her mother strength to endure this long hospital stay, but how thankful we are for a careful medical staff at Hadassah Hospital.