Moving forward

Yousef’s mum was happy to receive visitors, both co-worker Alena and myself, and she told Yousef, who was gazing at her, that he needed to turn toward us. “Yousef, you have guests,” she said. We reminded Yousef of our other co-worker, Sebastian, whom we think has similar hair to little Yousef and took the following photo, which his mother thought was very funny. Good to see Yousef recovering, we hope he will be home with us soon!  The Kurdish ensemble is migrating down from ICU to the intermediate cardiac unit, and Yousef is right there amongst it all, sharing a room with one other Kurdish baby, Hena, another baby with Shevet Achim who came from Gaza. There is also Ghena, and a baby from an Orthodox Jewish family. Meena and Meera are in rooms on either side. We heard from Ghena’s grandma that last night all four of the babies in the big room were crying one after the other, which she seemed sweetly good natured about. It explains Yousef’s mum’s tiredness!