Moving forward with Ziad, step by step

Ziad is working on taking food orally, which, God willing, he will be able to eat consistently. At just under eight kilos, there is hesitation to bring him into a big stomach surgery as he is still very weak, so please be in prayer for this sweet boy.

Months ago, when Ziad’s mother was in Israel with him, we discovered that he found it fun to eat food via the ‘airplane’ method, which is, at least where I come from, a fun, classic way to have your child finish his dinner. Each spoonful zooms towards a child’s mouth like an airplane that has to land inside. Ziad responded well to this today¬† when I played this fun eating game with him. He enjoyed how, after each bite, his dad and I would clap for him in encouragement.

It was also very good to see how communicative Ziad was. Multiple times in his life, he’s needed resuscitation. He was on the ECMO machine for about a week, but after all of that he is cognizant of how to express what he wants. It is a small thing, but also a significant one. We love Ziad so much and ask you to keep praying for this wonderful boy and his family.