MRI scan today

After spending the night in our Ashdod house, Mohaned was taken to Sheba Medical Center pretty early this morning to prepare for his MRI scan. Thank God we didn’t have long to wait at that hour, and Mohaned was promptly called in for his scan.

First, his doctor wanted to place an IV for the anesthesia. Unfortunately that was really difficult to do and it took the doctors really long to find a good vein. Mohaned was screaming the whole time and had to be held by several people. Bad day for this poor guy!

After the MRI scan, Mohaned slept for another hour and soon started eating and drinking again after waking up. Mohaned’s doctors saw in the MRI scan that there is a problem with his pulmonary artery, so he will need a catheterisation soon.

Soon after the MRI we were ready to go and drove together back to Ashdod. Us volunteers always enjoy having Mohaned and his mom around. He is a really fun little boy and it’s so easy to make him laugh, thank God for this young boy and his overwhelming happiness.

They’re now back home in Gaza waiting for news about a date for Mohaned’s catheterisation.