MRI Today

This morning we collected Kenan and his mother from the Gaza border for his MRI appointment at Sheba Hospital this morning. Because he’s been experiencing seizures for the past months, his doctor wanted it to be checked through an MRI. He will also have an EEG at the end of this week because of that matter. Since Kenan wasn’t allowed to eat anything for six hours before the MRI, he was pretty hungry and sometimes really angry that he didn’t get food. But most of the time he was in a good mood and tried his new walking skills.

Thankfully the MRI went well and after hours of waiting, he was clear to go home.

His mom is very worried since he has a cold and sometimes has a fever at night. Please pray that he will be fine. If anything happens or he’s getting worse, we can take him directly to the ER since he’s staying in our community house until his next appointment this week.