A little ‘mukhtar’

This morning, we brought Kenan and his mom to Sheba hospital for an appointment with the neurologist, who worked him into the schedule on short notice.

It turned out to be a very long wait for the appointment, but even four hours in a waiting room with these two is so much fun.

We drank some coffee, chatted in Arabic, and did our best to keep Kenan busy once he woke up from a long nap in his stroller. He especially enjoyed practicing his art skills with Lena and cruising up and down the hallway in his stroller. “Look at him, he looks like a littleĀ mukhtar!” his mom joked.

When he heard the list of Kenan’s symptoms, the neurologist said it sounds like he’s having seizures. This has been suspected for some time and Kenan has been taking medication to treat them, but it seems that it’s not quite. The neurologist increased the dose of medication and explained that Kenan needs to return for an EEG and brain MRI as soon as possible so he can get to the bottom of the problem and determine how to treat it.

Please continue in prayer for this sweet little guy and his mom, that the doctors will be able to find out what exactly is causing his seizures and how best to treat him.