Mum’s comfort is the best comfort

When I went to Sheba hospital this morning, knowing that one of my tasks would be to visit our little “Schlingel” and his loving mum, I was already looking forward to it. We all miss the little “happy boy” and his mum with her humour and her sometimes funny crazy way  with us, very much .

When I came to their room in the Secondary Pediatric ICU today, little Mohaned was not in a good mood. His loving mother told me that he has a fever and is difficult to calm down at the moment; he hardly sleeps. When I took him in my arms, even his crying was nice for me because it was the first time I visited him and his mum after his risky operation.

I tried to calm him down by feeding him milk and giving him his dummy. He drank the milk, but after a few minutes, he threw up and couldn’t keep it down. Only when his mother, who always looks after him lovingly, took him in her arms, did he calm down and fall asleep. There is no better comfort than that of a mother. “As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; And you will be comforted in Jerusalem.” Isaiah 66:13  After some time, two nurses came to his room to perform examinations on him, hoping to find out why Mohaned has a fever and what could be wrong with him.

They asked me and Mohaned’s mother to leave the room because it is not nice to see. So I went to visit some other children who are in hospital at the moment. When I came back, this adorable smile was beaming at me. When I was still in the hospital, no results were visible through the examinations.

Let us all support this young mother, who gets so much patience and strength from God, and her little Mohaned in prayer.