Music and a faithful God

There was a huge question mark in our minds when we arrived at Lia’s room today and found her inside. “That can’t be her, she is supposed to have a surgery right now!” we thought. But it really was our beloved Lia who laid in the bed. Our other child Soso (also from Gaza) was more urgent, so this girl got the surgery and Lia waits until next Thursday.

So please continue to pray for her. The baby girl is doing ok, she was sleeping all the time today and her arms and legs are a little swollen. But she seems to be stable.

One time we entered Lia’s room we found a women playing a happy drum and singing for the baby. Also the grandma took the chance to try the music instrument and really enjoyed it! “The little girl is so far away from her mother. Nobody sings for her in the hospital. So I do…” the woman, a music therapist, explained to us.

Yes, she is far away from her father and mother on earth, but her father in heaven is still close at her side! Praise God for his everlasting faithfulness 🙂