Narrow artery

Little Maryam came to Sheba Hospital today after a while back home in Gaza. It was amazing to see how much this tiny baby we knew grew into a little girl though she’s still very small for her age. Her echo went very well and she was calm throughout most of it. Although she grew a lot in this time away, her aorta is really narrow so she needs another surgery soon. Her heart worsened but her eating is so much better now that she probably doesn’t need the PEG tube anymore. Maryam was in the hospital for a big amount of her time and therefore is less physically developed than a normal one year old. Her family is a little bit worried about her neurological state because she doesn’t move her legs on her own, nor tries to walk.

We will see Maryam again in two months for another cardiac follow up to figure out what intervention she will need. Please join us in prayer for Maryam and her family.