Nasal intubation planned

Our little Jude seems to have improved pretty well after his surgery five days ago in Hadassah Hospital. When we came into his room, he just woke up and was fully conscious, looking right into our eyes, seeking for his mother. Whenever he lost sight of her, he started to whimper for her and made actual sounds!

Since he got some milk yesterday, which put him over the top and raised his blood pressure, he can’t take anything orally anymore, including meds, but has to receive through tubes.

Right now Jude is receiving oxygen support but a nurse explained that they want to reintubate, however non-invasively, that is, a nasal intubation therapy. This way his lungs get a bit more rest and Jude’s throat is spared the harsh effects of traditional intubation.

But for now he is taking a lot of rest and enjoying having his pacifier again. We thank God for Jude’s step by step recovery. Please keep on praying for him!