Needing another catheterization

As we drove to Sheba Hospital for Lalo’s echo appointment today, his mother showed us the videos of her wedding. She is missing her family back home very much, and this was one of the things she is reminiscing about, as she thinks about her family.

Lalo was a changed man today, during his echo he didn’t cry and it was easy to keep him calm using a video and milk. The doctor also heard from mum and me that he is a changed boy at home as well; sleeping well, not crying or screaming, and generally sociable and happy.

The doctor explained to us thoroughly that Lalo’s echo showed that the right ventricle is showing signs that there is very high pressure in his heart, and it means that following a meeting with the medical team, they are sure that Lalo cannot return to Kurdistan with his heart in this condition, and that they think a catheterisation will help him by dilating his pulmonary arteries again; they are very small. The doctors would like to place a special stent which will keep the arteries open.

Thank you for your prayer support for this family and especially for Lalo.