Needing another procedure

Today Miran underwent his echo at Sheba Hospital. His doctor was deciding whether it would be help enough to increase Miran’s meds or if he needs another procedure.

To the disappointment of Miran’s mother however, the echo indicated that the meds were not enough. Miran’s pulmonary valve and the part underneath it, is still too narrow. God willing, the doctors will discuss his case on Wednesday and then decide whether he only needs another Cath or a surgery to fix the problem.

His mom took the news very well even though she is already so long in Israel. It is admirable that she didn’t mind at all that she had to wait today for a couple of hours longer until we could bring her back to our community home in Ashdod. Meanwhile, Miran took advantage of every free moment, enjoyed running around in the hospital and playing with whatever he could find, but clearly he is still not a fan of echoes or ECGs. Please keep praying for this cute boy and a good decision from his doctors.