Needing More Information

Sweet little Nyaz has been fasting for nearly two weeks now… today she was chewing on a plastic lid, simply to have something in her mouth!

Today, a slight disappointment  in that her echo from yesterday showed a “small amount” of fluid in her lungs ( although small, it is an increase from the hoped-for “none”).  The plan now is that she will have a cardiac catheterization early tomorrow morning (Tuesday) to help figure out the lung fluid situation.  This fluid is actually “chyle”, which is made up of fat molecules, and requires specialized treatment.

Nyaz is busy watching “Baby Shark” animated videos as a distraction to the long hours and days in the hospital.  Her mom is joyful and a delight; she told us on today’s visit that she herself “is good”, and not to worry about her.  She visits other moms in the hospital and lights up the area with her calming presence and her ready smile.

Please pray with us that Nyaz’ catheterization will go well; that she will remain stable; and that the information will be useful in planning how to best help her.  Above all, pray for our Heavenly Father— the true Healer— to be very real and present with Nyaz and her mom as they continue to walk this road to healing.