Needing Prayer for his Breathing

Shakar was very distressed today. We received a call from Tara our translator to say that Shakar was to go for an echo and could we meet him there as his mother was quite upset by what was happening. We got to Shakar as quickly as possible, unfortunately missing the echo but managing to spend a considerable time with them. The good news was the echo showed Shakar’s heart has been unaffected by his illness.

Poor little Shakar. It broke my heart to see him so distressed with his patient mother so calm and loving. Shakar has been stable since his hospital admission but so underweight for his age the concern is he will tire and develop respiratory distress.

Dear friends, even as I was writing Shakar’s update we received a phone call from the hospital saying that they were concerned about his breathing. Diana and Tara have gone into the hospital despite it being so late to assist Shakar’s mother as it is possible he may need respiratory support. Please pray that this beautiful little boy who is so precious will make a full recovery and continue on to have his cath and surgery as planned. Now more than ever he needs your prayers and support.