Needing some more tests

After last week’s kidney ultrasound, Asmeen had a quick consultation with the nephrologist at Sheba Hospital this morning. It seems from the ultrasound that she may have an obstruction in the ureter than drains her right kidney. The doctor wants her to have a kidney mapping scan so he can get a better idea of what exactly is happening and how it affects her kidney function. It usually takes quite a bit of time to get an appointment for this scan at Sheba, but the doctor’s secretary is working hard to get an appointment as soon as possible. We’re so grateful for both of them for their hard work for Asmeen.

Asmeen was pretty content for the short waiting time as long as she could be upside-down, which she much prefers to sitting upright.

After the appointment, we went back to our house in Ashdod, where she and another Kurdish child named Mariya got to know each other a little better.