Needing to increase in weight, swallow

When Mohammed’s lovely mother saw me in Sheba hospital today, she immediately wanted me to come to her room and see Mohammed and to ask a doctor how he is doing.

I went with her and when I was there, a speech therapist came to examine cute Mohammed in his ability to swallow. They wanted to try to give Mohammed milk orally, but as he is not yet able to swallow properly, they couldn’t do it. The doctor said there is a possibility that  Mohammed needs a PEG for feeding because he needs to increase in his weight.

Nevertheless, he seems to be a tiny bit better, step by step, as he is able to keep his pacifier in his mouth now. When the mother heard today that there is a possibility her beloved son needs a surgery for a PEG, she was very worried and upset about it. The time for her hasn’t been easy so far.

Please pray for her and for little Mohammed.