Needs another surgery

Ibrahim’s mom was really hoping the results of his echo and MRI at Sheba Hospital today would be good and Ibrahim would be cleared to return to Kurdistan.

Praise God, his echo and ECG look good and the doctor says there is nothing to worry about. He made a slight adjustment to Ibrahim’s medications and wants to see him again in two weeks just to make sure everything is okay.

Ibrahim was amazing for the whole process, and didn’t cry even once during the echo or ECG.

However, the MRI showed a subdural hematoma, which is blood between the brain and the skull. The neurologist assured us that this is not uncommon, and the surgery to fix it is relatively easy. However, this does mean Ibrahim will need another surgery before he is discharged to Kurdistan.

This is very disappointing news for his mom, who is anxious to see her older son back home. However, we are glad this problem was discovered before he returned home so he can have the surgery here.

Please pray for patience and strength for Ibrahim’s mom during the waiting time.